locked Re: Annoyance


On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 11:20 am, Cacky B <cackyb@...> wrote:

If you have ever had occasion to learn html, you will learn that when
your text is translated to the web screen, all extra spaces will have
been removed. This would include that second space. It's the way html
is set up to work.
I understand that's the way it's programmed, I just don't understand why. If someone wants more than one space any place, they should be able to just hit the space bar.

Linda - I guess I'll just have to be outdated. Seems like a shame to me.

Trish - "Old habits die hard..." I figure I'll die before this habit does. ;>)

Diana - "Good news - it arrived to me in ascii text with 2 spaces." That's one of the reasons I tend to use Plain Text anywhere I can. As long as it doesn't go through an html filter, it should show up correctly.

Thanks again,

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