moderated Re: Welcome message delivered to NC members #bug

Chris Jones

On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 03:43 AM, Duane wrote:
I do see where it makes no sense to send it (on either type of group) if they haven't confirmed their email address though.
IMHO there is another anomalous factor in play. The group I co - own has on occasions admitted members who have not responded to the Confirmation Message, but who have responded to the Pending Membership message. In sending that response they have confirmed their email address and the reason for joining, so the NC flag serves no useful ongoing purpose. I usually prompt them to positively respond to the Confirmation Email by firstly sending them a specific email about the point and then sending another Confirmation Email. At least I think I do; let me explain further. In the example cited above the email I send shows up (a) in the Activity Log (even if its content is not recorded) and (b) in the individual's Email Delivery History. The subsequent resending of the Confirmation Email shows up in the Activity Log but not in the Email Delivery History. I have just sent another Confirmation Email to such a member without a prior warning email; again it shows up in the Activity Log but not the Email Delivery History. 

It leaves me wondering whether these Confirmation Emails actually get sent. If the members responded to them I would know, but they don't; is the lack of response because (a) they cannot be bothered, or (b) because they didn't actually receive anything to respond to?


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