moderated Re: Wiki link color is hard to see - usability #bug

Chris Jones

On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 07:20 PM, I wrote:
I think I like that,

On second thoughts.. uh - oh.

That changes too much. It completely changes the appearance of (say) the NMM flag in the members list. With a "normal" setting the flag is white letters on a blue background; with "Always" set it appears as a blue letter on white. So if I was to describe something to look for based on the "normal" setting to someone with the "Always" setting they will not see what I describe. Another example is something like a screenshot based on a normal setting; it will appear normal irrespective of the viewer's browser setting, but what they will see if they go to the subject of the screenshot will be different if they have Always set in their own browser..

Confusion all round...


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