moderated Re: Moderated members option in Members' List dropdown menu #suggestion


Displaying the members list by posting status would solve your issue, is simple, has been requested several times in the past, and (at one point) I’m pretty sure was on the ToDo list.

On Apr 28, 2020, at 3:07 AM, Marina <> wrote:

Of course different groups have different needs.
I wouldn't care for refined filtering.
In my group, with other 2500 members, posts are not moderated, nevertheless some members are moderated for different reasons and over time we have somehow lost track of their number.
Mine is a free group and I would be fine with a basic feature such as having a list of all moderated members in one place, regardless of their posting details. Maybe more complex options, which presumably would require more time and work from Mark, could be available for paid groups.

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