moderated Re: Moderated members option in Members' List dropdown menu #suggestion



It would be useful to have the option to view a list of all moderated
members, as you can do for instance with bouncing members or members
with different status.
It would be very useful. But I agree with J about the view drop-list not being a good user interface for the feature.

For this, I'd like to see a filter tool (aka advanced search function) much like the funnel icon at the top of the Topics / Messages lists. That opens a little panel that lets you filter for messages in various date ranges.

In the Members list the expanded panel could have checkboxes to filter for various Posting Privileges and other member characteristics.

I'd also like to be able to sort the list by additional criteria (which J said may be in the works). Sorting and filtering are related concepts, and in many cases two different means to the same end. And sometimes very powerful in combination.


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