moderated Account anomaly? #misc


While doing a test, in an attempt to resolve a question on GMF, I intentionally created an account using a non-existent email address, including setting a password.  I immediately got the red bouncing message at the top of the screen, as expected.  I didn't see any indication of Not Confirmed status, neither on that account, nor on the application to a group, just a blue B.  The account was never confirmed.  I then proceeded to merge it into an existing account to complete the test.

I then tried to join a restricted group using the same address (after it had been merged, thus creating another new account.)  As far as I can tell, it never showed NC for status, going directly to blue B.  I'll obviously never be able to confirm, nor unbounce, that account, so what happens to it?  Does it sit in the system forever or will it be purged at some point?  This would be the situation if someone mistyped their email address when joining their first group, without having a password.  Is it still considered an account, with a system entry in the database, or is it in a pending queue?


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