moderated Code at Admin>Promote does not work reliably #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

The code snippet for the group Subscribe button found at Admin>Promote (intended to embed in an off-site web page) often fails to work.

If someone is already logged into, entering their email address and clicking on "Subscribe" takes them to their groups home page at with no explanation as to why they landed there.

If the provided email address already has an account, they do land on the Join page, but their subsequent signup fails to work. They are forced to log in and re-find the group home page on their own.

Only when the email address does not already have a account does the signup link work as expected.

I do understand the reason for all this. Anyone can enter anyone else's email address in that box and click Subscribe, perhaps multiple times, signing up people that might not really want to join the group. It just seems that it ought to fail more gracefully...perhaps by taking the person to the group home page with a banner notice. I am receptive to other ideas.

Thanks for your consideration,

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