moderated Re: Two requests: Format painter and option to allow forwarding of messages #suggestion


On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 11:58 AM, Jennifer Christian wrote:
No, I hadn't.  Is this a one-way street, meaning if I select Normalize HTML today, it will have to remain that way forever?  I don't want to eliminate ALL colors and visuals! 
No, you can turn it off and on as needed.

If I DO select "normalize" HTML, will I as moderator be able to add back in emphasis or color when I want to?   Since I am often passing along items of interest to my readers, it is often helpful to be able to draw attention to a particular sentence in a posting with highlighted or colored text.
You can't use fonts, sizes, and colors while it's on, but you can use bold and italic for emphasis, along with inline images.

We can continue the discussion on GMF, if you want, since this really isn't the proper group for that.


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