moderated Re: Two requests: Format painter and option to allow forwarding of messages #suggestion

Jennifer Christian

No, I hadn't.  Is this a one-way street, meaning if I select Normalize HTML today, it will have to remain that way forever?  I don't want to eliminate ALL colors and visuals! 

If I DO select "normalize" HTML, will I as moderator be able to add back in emphasis or color when I want to?   Since I am often passing along items of interest to my readers, it is often helpful to be able to draw attention to a particular sentence in a posting with highlighted or colored text.

Also I have seen the option for color inexplicably appear and disappear in the advanced toolbar.   I'd like to have it ALL THE TIME!

Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH
Moderator, Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable
Chair and list-serv moderator, ACOEM Work Fitness & Disability Section

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