moderated Two requests: Format painter and option to allow forwarding of messages #suggestion

Jennifer Christian

Hello all -

1.  Format painter button:    Having this option would sure be nice.   I don't like releasing messages sent in with a hodgepodge of colors and fonts and line spacings  -- and it is nearly impossible without a format painter to get things to look professional.   Is there a way to do this already?  If not, is it a difficult thing to add?

2.  In this time of COVID-19, I have realized that a list-serv can be a good way to START propagating information.  But if members CANNOT forward messages, the propagation stops there.   I realize that enabling wholesale forwarding messages defeats the idea of a restricted group -- which all of mine are.  But somehow as moderator,  I would like to be able to turn on / turn off a forwarding option for individual messages when dissemination of a piece of news or an opportunity would be good.   Is this possible?

Jennifer Christian

[Mod note: Added #suggestion hashtag]

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