moderated Make mute/unmute and follow/unfollow tools consistent #suggestion

Peter Cook

I am encouraging my members to use hashtags, mute, and follow to better manage their email traffic. There's quite a bit of confusion because the tools to do this are somewhat scattered. I’d like to suggest greater consistency in the way they are accessed and used. Here’s a set of suggestions:

On the Hashtags page (<mygroup> 
Add a “follow/unfollow” button next to the “mute/unmute” button.

On the Topics page (<mygroup> 
Add “follow/unfollow” and “mute/unmute” options for both hashtags and topics, perhaps in the “More” dropdown under a message.

In messages received by email: 
Have consistent “follow/unfollow” and “mute/unmute” links for both hashtags and topics in the digest, summary, and individual email modes.


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