moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Work to investigate which technologies to use for the app.
  • BUGFIX: Misc improvements to formatting of the mobile website.
  • NEW: (Re)launched the Zoom calendar integration.
  • BUGFIX: The left chevron icon in the photo view was not vertically aligned correctly.
  • BUGFIX: Paging backwards in the Emailed Photos photo viewer stopped working if you paged back at the first photo.
  • API: Fixed pagination bugs with /getevents endpoint.
  • CHANGE: Switchover to the new Help Center, with finalized Owners and Members manuals and FAQ.
  • CHANGE: Adjusted the size and alignment of the lines separating a group's footer from the rest of the message footer information.
  • BUGFIX: When creating a new plain text wiki page, the page would internally be marked as being HTML, so on future edits the HTML editor would be used.

Take care everyone.


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