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John Wirtz SF

In suggesting certain facilities to improve subscriber management, I wasn't prompting a debate on how group owners and moderators run their own groups.
Ultimately, as a group owner, I accept responsibility for the content of messages posted to my group.  This an important commitment as the owners of "" cannot monitor every message posted and would be quickly and publicly taken to task if things got out of hand.   

The minimum requirements for joining our group are based on twenty years of experience and witnessing some appalling behaviour on other groups.  Our successive groups (egroups and then Yahoo) have been mostly free for unpleasantness and that is due to the fact that I can identify the subscriber, and call him/her to order when things go wrong.
I'd stress that this arrangement is reciprocal and anyone wishing to contact me can do so and that;s right down to a phone cal if the situation requires it.
I know plenty of owners who run a mile when things go wrong, no contact, unanswered emails, etc.  As we say here, that's not cricket.

The option I suggest are to assist member management and to be in a position to ave a limited degree of control over those siubscribers.

There absolutely no suggestion that "my rules" become "" rules.

Let's keep this thread on topic, the technical aspects and perhaps the "" own company policies. 
On the the hand, if you feel strongly about my rules, you are welcome to contact me direct to open a discussion about my rationale.  My email address is john@...


John Wirtz

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