moderated Re: Member Data Improvements request #suggestion

Bob Bellizzi

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 03:39 AM, John Wirtz SF wrote:
This paranoia has to be reined in, some questions are asked for purely practical reasons and not in the basis of discrimination.
I agree that some groups, like yours, may need more security to prevent bad actors from joining; that's what Restricted Groups are all about. 

  • Don't allow anyone to just subscribe and automatically become a member
  • Set up a join form with the questions you require answers for
  • Vet the form and check out key tokens, prior to allowing someone to be direct subscribed.
  • Only use direct subscribe.
That's exactly what we do for our group.  We use an online form and vet it.
But  if it's that important, you need a website for a front end and for forms, etc.
And you need a Premium group to direct subscribe.
In fact, I would suggest that your suggestion only be implemented on Premium and above groups if the fields are optional and can have text names defined by the owner.

Much of what I gather you want to do  seems to fit an online store front better than a group.
We have both to enhance the expeience.

Bob Bellizzi

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