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John Wirtz SF

Gender? Absolutely fine except for when, if you run a residential training event as we do, you allocate a single female to a gents accommodation block!

This paranoia has to be reined in, some questions are asked for purely practical reasons and not in the basis of discrimination.

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People in e.g. Mongolia have a single word as a name, no first or second name, just the one word name.

Ever increasing amount of people do not want to be identified by a gender, so title if they do not have a PhD or other such professional title that could also cause an issue for them.


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I don't get this. Can you give me instances of a group that has members without names.

I stress that should the mandatory option be available - I suggest it as an option - our group would insist on that data. I don't want to deal with people who have something to hide as hey are the most likely to cause trouble down the line under the protection of anonymity.

We have run groups since 2001 and I can count less than five trolling type incidents.


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Desirable additional fields would be:
- Title (mandatory field, drop down (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc)
- Firstname (mandatory field)
- Lastname (mandatory field)
I don't think that any of these can be mandatory. Not everyone has a title, a first name, or even a last name.

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