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Interesting stuff.  However, these sites don’t talk about people not having names but rather how different cultures treat names.

I’d expect the majority of groups her are pretty conventional in terms of name requirement.


Long Company names is an easy thing, just define the number of characters allowed in a field.  It’s not unusual for a text field to accept up to 255 characters I believe.  Developers restrict this property with very large databases to save storage and also accelerate searches and indexing. 


A lot of this depends on how the subscribers database on is organised and it’s properties are defined.




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Ah yes - see (based on ), or Or the discussion in .

Or the somebody's struggle with (IIRC) Hawaii DOT - they wanted her full legal name - she said it has 39 letters, your system will only accept 38...

So - if a group does have a requirement like this - I would go with Duane's idea of extra, group definable, fields. And a group wanting to make them mandatory will have a group management issue as to how it does so.
I think that's the only thing we can reasonably ask Mark to implement.

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