moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Improvements to our log file grepping system to help track down problems.
  • NEW: Many updates to the new Help Center, Owners Manual and Members Manual.
  • CHANGE: Lots of little wording tweaks on the website to make things more consistent.
  • CHANGE: For messages sent to the +owner address, delete any existing To header and replace it with, to make it more clear where the message was sent.
  • API: Added /newgroupalias and /deletegroupalias endpoints.
  • NEW: Added a search bar to the new group home page/did some rearraigning of the page (as seen on beta@).
  • API: Added /unbanmember endpoint.
  • BUGFIX: When uploading a directory to the Files section, the description was not added to the top level folder.
  • BUGFIX: Repost was not working in the Topic view.
  • NEW: Added Zoom integration to the calendar. You can now set up Zoom meetings when you create new events.
  • CHANGE: Cap message subject line length at 1000 characters.
  • CHANGE: For groups set to Reply To Sender, no longer add the CC header to point back to the group. When replying-to-all, it would create a duplicate mailing.
  • CHANGE: Improved the formatting of the new Owners Manual PDF.
  • SYSADMIN: Upgraded the machine instance responsible for sending email.
  • INTERNAL: To display attachments on the website, now redirect to S3 in many cases instead of us fetching/returning the data.

Take care everyone.


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