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John Wirtz SF

Well I am already a premium customer and though I am in favour of paying for the service as long as visible support exists, I think it would be slicker with an integrated tables facilities.


The main reason for our organisation to go for this kind of group is that it delivers message direct to the member’s inbox.  And all members have the option to respond for all to see.  I like this type of openness and we’ve had a group for nearly twenty years and only a very small handful of behaviour issues.  AND ONE CAN KEEP IT PRIVATE.


But, I have more pressing things to do than maintain my messaging system beyond the essential matters.  So, easing routine maintenance task such as member management would be very welcome.




John Wirtz




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Subject: Re: [beta] GIO in the long term


Last fall it was mentioned that large lists would have to upgrade to Premium, based on the number of subscribers.  Then the issue was suspended during the YG meltdown.
I have several lists considering upgrades to Premium.  I would like to be ahead on this issue, avoiding an "Oh, by the way" surprise.


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