moderated Re: Zoom integration now active #update

Glenn Glazer

On 3/31/2020 13:29, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi All,

I've just pushed Zoom integration to production. If you've used the Zoom Chrome plugin before with GCal, it works much the same way. When you create or edit a single calendar event, there is a new button, 'Make This A Zoom Meeting'. Click that, a window will pop up to log into Zoom (first time only), and then you'll get a dialog box to set the parameters of your Zoom meeting. Once you create the Zoom meeting, it'll populate the location and description fields of your event with the relevant information and add the #zoom hashtag to the event name. You can also delete your Zoom meeting while editing your event.

This currently does not work with repeating events.

I had originally decided that this would be a premium feature, but with lots of people using Zoom to stay in touch during the pandemic, it will be available to everyone through September 1st.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Just as a heads-up, there was a recent Zoom bug on iOS that caused Zoom to leak data to Facebook. They have since dropped the Facebook integration, so make sure you update the app before using it.



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