moderated Re: Messages contain CC:group even with ReplyTo=sender and "Remove other options" #bug


On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 07:34 AM, Jim Avera wrote:

If "Reply to" in Group settings is set to "sender", and "Remove Other Reply Options" is checked, messages still contain a CC: header pointing to the group post address.   This permits users to reply to the group through email, but not on the web.  This is almost certainly not what the owner intended.  I'm guessing this is a #bug.

Well, not a bug because it's doing what it was designed to do, but I think the design was wrong. For Reply To Sender groups, we were adding a CC line pointing back to the group email address. I think I added that because of reasons explained here:, but on reflection that is wrong because when someone clicks the Reply All button in their email client, the client already includes the To address, which is the group. On testing with Gmail, with the CC line, and doing Reply All, you end up sending the reply to the group twice (because it used the addresses in the To and CC lines).

I have removed this CC line for Reply To Sender groups. Please let me know if it causes a problem.

Now, to what I think you're asking: is there a way to disable Reply All in email clients. I think the answer is yes, if I re-write the To line in messages so that, instead of being the group email address, the To line is the recipient of the email message. Then the group email address would not appear anywhere in the message headers and Reply All would not send the message to the group. But, I think this would make it very difficult for someone to determine if a message they received was sent to them via the group or just by someone replying to a message the person originally sent to the group. I think this would be confusing. Thoughts?

Thanks, Mark

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