moderated Re: Event: Mail server upgrade #downtime - Monday, 30 March 2020 #downtime #cal-invite

Chris Aldrich

I didn't know about this downtime until one of my group members emailed asking about the delay in receipt of email messages that were visible on our group's page.

I first checked where there was nothing to indicate this downtime. Next I checked GMF (nada) and the Beta, where I found this message. I thought Bera was the place to discuss potential improvements to and I get the Beta messages in Full Digest since (I thought) there was no particular need for speed in reading them. I was surprised that it was the place that this announcement was posted. 

All of this is to say - is there a more expedient way for Group Owners and Moderators to be notified of anticipated #downtime? Is there something else I should be subscribed to?

Thanks much - we love and I just suggested it to the admin of a nearly-defunct Y group that I belong to.

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