moderated Re: Database feature request

Alan Winson

Even the Yahoo group that we moved here allowed you to insert a row into a database.  It's the one thing I can think of that Yahoo did better than

The argument about database design is irrelevant.  Programs should conform to what users specify, not the other way around.  I'm sure there is nothing about database design that says inserting a row is bad design.  If the implementation chosen by a programmer does not allow the program to meet the requirements, then the fault is not with the requirements.

All the comments about ways to circumvent this shortcoming are of no help for certain databases, including mine.  If remembered the sort order, we could insert a column used only for sorting the rows and hide that column after we are done sorting.  But the sort order is not remembered, is it?

It is apparent, more than two years after the last comment I can find on this, that is not going to implement row insertion.  So when I need to insert a row, I export my database to my computer, update the exported file however I please, and then back on I delete all the rows and then import the file from my computer.  I am not impressed.  I don't need to do it often, but it's not a good circumvention for someone who needs to insert rows frequently.

However, I love everything else I've found so far about

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