locked Re: Quote chopping (was Digest layout)


On 17 Mar 2015 at 13:18, Shal Farley wrote:

In single messages I don't have to scroll past the trailing quotes, I just
move on to the next message. So there's no benefit to justify the risk
that the automation might erroneously delete content of value.
I can understand that there is some risk of losing some meaning, but I
would like to see it as an owner option even on single messages.

To be honest, the main reason I got into the list owner business was
because of lists/groups where proper quoting was non-existent. To this
day, I moderate everyone who can't or won't quote properly, which is
almost everyone. I hand trim every message. Educating users takes just
as much time, but it doesn't work/doesn't last. Doing it myself guarantees
that is gets done. It's the value I add to my lists.

Yeah, I'm obsessed by it, but I'm mostly normal in other areas.

I hate lazy overquoting so much, if there was a heavy-hammer,
blunt-force, quote blocker, I would use it. Kind of like discussed here: a
single uninterrupted block of quote at the bottom just gets removed.
Interspersed quoting, or top quoting would survive.

But I definitely get that it's not for everyone, so of course, I would like it to
be optional.


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