moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Work on new Help Center and code to convert the new manuals from Google Docs to HTML.
  • CHANGE: In the database table page, replaced the individual visibility toggle buttons with a dropdown menu.
  • NEW: Database address columns have a default country.
  • CHANGE: Changed width of all selects on the website so that they are their natural width, not 100%, which was confusing to some and ugly to all.
  • CHANGE: For Multiple Choice, Multiple Select columns, use a series of checkboxes instead of a HTML select element.
  • CHANGE: Improved look of the database add row page.
  • NEW: Database columns have a new description field.
  • API: Added /getactivitylog endpoint.
  • API: The docs incorrectly left off the /get prefix for the subgroupcategories endpoints.
  • API: Passing in the type parameter to /getmembernotices would return a blank response.
  • BUGFIX: The database map wasn't working for Enterprise domains.
  • BUGFIX: If an address field in a database was set to a non-default color, the color would not show up in the add/edit row screen, potentially causing the labels to also disappear.

Stay safe everyone.


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