locked Unable to delete attachments in queued message


Hi Mark,

Ran into a little problem today when editing a message in the moderation queue.

It had a bunch of graphic images I was trying to get rid of, you know the MailChimp/Constant Contact type stuff.  I deleted them in the text box, but the images stayed around outside the edit box.  I could highlight them but couldn't do anything with them.

I decided to send the message anyway.  The images did not appear in the text, but they were included as attachments almost all named "GetFile.aspx"

I can redirect a copy to you if you'd like to take a look.

I've had other messages where images show up outside the edit box, but this was a little more irritating because there were 15-20 of them.

(Possibly related?  I've had some messages where the a picture did not show up, replaced by an error message:


<<        I played poker w/ tarot cards-got a flush & 5 people died          >>

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