moderated (date) "invited" column incorrectly sorted in Sent invites #bug


We ran into a problem last night trying to resend some invites, where we were sending a new invite to several people who had been sent invites in the past. We sent new invites to avoid the (previously reported) issue wherein you can't change obsolete custom text when resending. At first the invites did not go through at all, and were logged on the "sent invite" page as "sending" rather than sent. That was still the case this morning, so we resent at that point. When we resent them this morning, they went through. However, and here's the bug: when clicking on the "invited" column to see exactly which ones were (successfully) sent this morning, only three of the six showed up in the correct date order, i.e., at the top, for this morning. The other three, although also sent at the same time, showed up way down in the list, as if ordered by their originally invited dates.

This is a minor problem in the big scheme of things but made it very hard to sort out who successfully received the new invites today and who did not.

Bug: it seems that the date sent for (some? which ones I'm not sure of) invites that were previously sent in the past is not updated when resent.


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