moderated Re: Solving the overload issue (Selecting specific messages into two batches - Individual email vs. Full featured digest delivery) #suggestion

Homayon Reinhardt Chaudhry

Thx for approving. The problem of special notices and all members on digest:
1. Also those who explicitely wanted to be only on digest will receive extra messages ( special notices) and hence feel „ flooded“
2. The term „special notice“ implies certain messages are *special* (while the rest is just ordinary). Again list members not getting the special privilege will feel discriminated and start to ask themselves: why my msg hasn‘t got the *special notice* tag?

Sorry for insisting, but thats unfortunately the way peoples mind works. 
Its a problem, when the message traffic is high and a kind of inconspicuous ‚triage’ becomes a necessity, in order not to loose list members.

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