moderated Subject of Invitation Email Should Show "Group Title" (instead of Group Email Address) #suggestion

Kumāra Bhikkhu

My current Invitation emails shows
    Invitation to join the group

It can look a lot like spam, esp when I have my co-moderator do the inviting (since the recipient may not know her).

If it's like this instead:
    Invitation to join the "Kumāra Bhikkhu News & Teachings" group
then it's far more complete *and* clearer as to what the group is about.

An added benefit of this is about being more future-proof: If the group's focus has changed (e.g., broaden to include more things, or narrowed), the owner can easily change the Group Title to reflect that, and it shows accordingly in the invitation email.

I think this way makes the invitation mail far more inviting!

Please seriously consider this. Thank you!

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