moderated Solving the overload issue (Selecting specific messages into two batches - Individual email vs. Full featured digest delivery) #suggestion

Homayon Reinhardt Chaudhry

[Mod note: One way to solve this is to put everyone on digest and then for really important messages, send them out as special notices. I approved this message as a start to a discussion as to whether other means for more easily segmenting messages are needed and what those might look like.]

Dear all

Our medical group (460 members) sees a vivid exchange of mails in German, French and Italian, so thanks to the team for that really great service!

Unfortunately again and again members leave because they feel flooded by a part of those mails containing rather little information - while other msg's are very valuable - especially in the times of this global Covid-19- pandemic. But opening their mail box they get annoyed. 

Now you could say those members should choose themselves, if they want a full featured digest or individual email delivery, but try to explain that to some 460 mailing list dummies (European doctors with an average age of 55+).

So are group is loosing many members, they feel flooded with useless mails. That shouldn't be.

Possible solution: It would be great to be able not only to select members into different groups, but also incoming messages - eg. two classes

1. The messages which contain "important medical information" which should then be delivered instantly to all members and...

2. a second batch putting together all the "Hi there", "Thank you" and other casual personal content stuff, which then doesn't have to be deleted. Some members feel deleting their first post to the group as censorship and as a protest they would leave again.

3. As a consequence all that random stuff, selected by the moderation team, could be sent at the end of the day to the group in a full featured digest.

It would be great, if you could look into a technical mailing list solution to this rather psychological, all too human problem. Probably any bigger mailing list will sooner or later run into that issue.

Thx again for considering the problem and keep up the excellent work


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