moderated Re: "Send Message" button in member-edit dialog causes changes to be lost #suggestion

Bob Morley

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:34 AM, Jim Avera wrote:
If a group Member is clicked and their settings changed (for example, changing their role to Moderator and checking/unchecking various options), then:

If the "Send Message" button at the bottom is clicked instead of "Save", the changes are lost.

Possible solutions:
   Change the "Send Message" button to "Save Changes and Send Message" (would be very useful!)
   Prompt the user to Save or Discard first, if "Send Message" is clicked
   Disable all buttons other than "Save" and "Discard" as soon as any setting is changed
   If "Send Message" is clicked, return to the member-edit dialog afterwards (with the state as it was)
The request is written up as a specific requirement but, in reality, this is a universal issue. A more general way to summarize this request is as follows:

If I edit "xxx" and do not "Save" but do "something else", give me a prompt to query me if I want to leave before saving.... I do realize that it could be difficult to catch all of the "something else" possibilities, but it would be nice to try.


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