moderated Re: Emails auto-forwarded from yahoo mbox to group loose their original From: header #bug

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 11:54 PM, Jim Avera wrote:
The point is we have an *existing* email address used to "send messages to the list" (in the old system), and I want messages sent there to go out in the new GIO list.  But only if the sender is authorized to post (this screening function used to be performed by a human, and now is supposed to be automatic with GIO).

The existing email is not secret.  So the original sender MUST be validated before posting messages received via that original posting mbox.
Jim -- I guess I don't understand the problem. Clearly, what we're talking about is not a worst, it's a missing feature.

Please post to GMF and perhaps we can help you there. I have further suggestions but don't want to extend what amounts to an off-topic thread.


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