moderated Re: #suggestion Allow owners more control over the Direct-Add initial email #suggestion

Jim Avera

Hmm, there a BUG/REGRESSION may have crept in to the Direct-Add Notification stuff:

The help text says (I see now) that D-A Notifs are auto-sent if "active". But that is not the case, i.e. a D-A Notif. is not used automatically; and there is no checkbox to make a D-A Notification "active" (like there is for Welcome and Guidelines).

Here is the current help text for the D-A Notification:

Direct Add

Message sent when a moderator direct-adds someone to a premium or enterprise group. The active notice, if any, is used as the initial text and can be edited for one-time use during the Direct Add process. A Direct Add notice is always sent; if the group has not created and activated a custom notice, we activate and use a default.

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