moderated #suggestion Allow owners more control over the Direct-Add initial email #suggestion

Jim Avera

When a subscriber is Direct Added, the first email they get is a canned message which the owner can not control except to insert text in the middle.  Some portions of that canned text can be inappropriate or confusing for reasons described in this GMF post:

I'd like to suggest either:

* Give owners complete control of that initial communication, OR

* Let owners control the initial part, and possibly also the final part, of that first email, and put the canned bits in the middle.

If you do need to force certain text to be included, force only what is strictly necessary and eliminate possibly-wrong/confusing bits (see referenced GMF post for specifics).

Possible implementations:

(1) Eliminate that initial email altogether (or provide an option to not send it), and make the "Direct Add" Notification work like the Welcome Notification, i.e. send it automatically to newly-DA'd subscribers, before the Welcome message (or possibly make it an alternative Welcome sent only to Directly-added subscribers).

The owner could then change the DA Notification as desired to introduce subscribers to the system.

A *default* D-A Notification would contain the canned text, to preserve today's behavior  by default (assumes DA Notif is made to work like Welcome).


(2) Like (1) above but require that the DA Notification include certain text, perhaps by requiring a "[Required Text]" token somewhere which gets substituted; or else always *append* the required text to the owner's D-A Notification (ideally displaying the added text in the Notification editor so the owner can see what the combined message will look like).  But allow the owner to control the first part of the message, and any group-specific information.

Thanks for considering this suggestion!

P.S. Here is a possible *default* D-A Notification with the forced bits in the middle:

Hello [Name],

You have been added by <owner name> to the <group name> group at

You can visit your group, start reading messages and adjust options here:<group>.

The email for this group is: <group>

Most importantly, please add this email address to your safe sender list in your email client’s contacts. If you find emails from this group landing in spam, promo, or social folders, please move those emails to your primary inbox so that you can train your email client to put them directly in your inbox.

If this was a mistake, please click on the following link and you will be immediately removed:

<Unsubscribe link>


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