moderated Hashtag OFF switch(es) #suggestion

Michael Pavan

Simple switch(es) to turn off all Hashtags in our group(s). worked without Hashtags.

This should be an Opt-In 'feature',
or at least have an Opt-Out option(s) that don't require Workarounds and continuing extra work (Moderation).

Anyone who wants to use Hashtags should, but why force others?

My groups use: Messages/Topics archive, Calendar, Photos, and Files.
We do not use: Hashtags, Polls, Chats, Databases, Wiki, Subgroups, or Integrations (RSS).

Our only 'use' for Hashtags is in Calendar in order to Moderate and remove them,
ALONG with unwanted prefixes e.g. "Upcoming Event: " and repetitive Date and Time elements
(which should also be able to be turned off)

We don't send out a Guidelines yet, but would also Moderate the Hashtags off.
I would move them from Message footers, but Guidelines functions similarly to Calendar.

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