moderated Re: Messages with a hashtag using the Special attribute not sent as Special #bug

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 04:59 PM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
you don't seem to trust your committee enough to make them essentially powerless moderators  and yet you want to give them a special power to essentially issue broadcast messages.
The trouble with jumping to conclusions is that you can get it wrong.  They have delegated responsibility. Just because an option works for you does not always make it suitable for others.

powerless moderators
A moderator has additional privileges so by definition they are not powerless.

We are happy with the change Mark has made so far but if it gets rolled back then we should be able to work around that with the second option mentioned by Chris. I will test it myself beforehand though.

Enough said on this I think.


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