moderated Re: Messages with a hashtag using the Special attribute not sent as Special #bug

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 09:54 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
Option 1 is to make those individuals you want to be able to do the above Moderators, but without any of the "member management" permissions. That would enable them to use the moderator - only hashtags and send special notices when appropriate.
The downside of making other members Moderators is that they also get control over certain group features such as the Calendar and Databases etc. Not something we would want in our case.

Option 2 is to have two announcement tags; #Owner_Announcement which would remain as Use by Mods Only, and #Announcement which would be available to ordinary members. #Announcement would be configured as (a) Messages with this tag will be sent as special notices, and (b) Messages with this hashtag will be moderated.
An interesting alternative and one that could work for us. The #Announcement hashtag settings would also need the Use by Mods Only option unchecked in this case.

any message so tagged needing to be checked by a genuine moderator who could ensure that the feature was not being in any way misused before releasing it.
Agreed. Although I suspect it's easier to mistakenly approve a message with an unwanted hashtag that it is to go through the steps to add one in. Especially when working on a mobile device where small buttons and fat fingers come into play.


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