moderated Re: Messages with a hashtag using the Special attribute not sent as Special #bug

Andy Wedge

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 11:30 PM, Duane wrote:
True, but if it's sent with a Moderator Only hashtag, it will never arrive in the pending area.  It will be held in the Draft area for the sender to remove it.
For a predominantly email based group, holding a message in a users' Drafts folder doesn't help me as an Owner as I won't be able to see or do anything about that. I'm guessing that the only place that may be recorded is the event log and I would have to search for that. Even if a notification was sent to Owners/Mods that this had occurred, it seems like I'd be in a position of trying to talk someone through logging in to the site, navigating to their Drafts folder and editing a message to remove a hashtag before sending it again.  That, I fear, would generate a negative attitude towards when we are trying to encourage the opposite.


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