moderated Re: Messages with a hashtag using the Special attribute not sent as Special #bug


On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 09:50 AM, Andy Wedge wrote:

I have a hashtag called #Announcement defined with attributes: Special, Locked and Use by Mods only.  When I tag a message with this hashtag it is not sent as a special message.

What happened was the following:

  • You sent the message from a non-moderator account, without that hashtag. It required approved because your group is restricted.
  • When you approved the message, you added the #Announcement tag.
  • But because the message was originally sent from a non-moderator account, we ignored the special flag when the message was approved.

I have changed the policy so that if a message has been approved, we allow the use of mod-only and special hashtags, even if the message was originally sent from a non-moderator. I think this probably makes the most sense in a 'principle of least surprise' kind of way, but I'm happy to consider rolling it back if the group disagrees.

Thanks, Mark

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