moderated Add info about confirmation request to Email Commands FAQ in Help #suggestion



In the FAQ section of the Help page there is a list of the Email Commands. It strongly implies is that all one need do is send the command for the action to take place:

For most (all but +help and +owner) one must also receive and reply to a confirmation message sent by in response to the command. Not knowing this, many members miss that confirmation request and believe that the command is broken. This is most often reported with the +unsubscribe command.

The description in help, and in the upcoming manual for Members, should include this important fact.

Sample wording:
Using these commands is a two-step process:
1. Send the command from your email address,
2. Receive and reply to's Confirmation request email.
The command will not take effect until you complete the second step.

The manual could have more complete wording, including an explanation about why the confirmation step is necessary.


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