moderated Add Save Draft Button to Messages and New Topic #suggestion

Bill Hazel

This is more for peace of mind than anything else.
It would be nice to have a Save Draft button at the bottom of the page.

I started going through the Almost completed version of the Owners and Moderators manual and after I noticed the 2nd thing to comment on - on the same page I'd just commented on - I decided rather than clog up the Messages every time I found something to comment on I'd just create a New Topic and document them as I came to them. On page 18 (28 of the PDF), my brain was fried and so I decided to save my work rather than post.

No "Save" button ?!?!?!
I had learned from past experience that a draft is saved when I (accidentally) left a message I hadn't posted but over an hour's work?
Anyway, i selected all, copied it then, with great trepidation, I clicked on Messages and uttered a sigh of relief, I had a draft. I opened it and it was right where I left off.

Having a Save Draft button would have spared me a bit of anxiety.


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