moderated Re: Move Default Sub Settings onto Main Settings Page #suggestion

Michael Pavan

On Mar 4, 2020, at 8:32 PM, Bruce Bowman <> wrote:

Many creators of new groups fail to fill out the Default Sub Settings. Later, when they discover that all their current subscribers are on the "wrong" time zone (or whatever), they find themselves needing to retroactively (and painstakingly) fix this setting for everybody, one by one.

To head that off, I suggest that Default Sub Settings be moved to its own block within the main group Settings page...or if not all of it, at least those portions that relate to time and date.

PLUS the Default Sub Setting's default should be that of the group's creator as the logical place to start from (not California's).
Many/most groups are all in their creator's time zone, and most creators would likely prefer their members begin with those settings.
Of course, some groups are in more than one time zone (and outlier members will have to adjust theirs).

prompt accounts (email address) to set (or verify) their time zone before they join each group,
and if that group is set for a different time zone, have them choose which time zone they want for that group.

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