moderated Problem with Time Change for Digest #bug

Ann Wild

In a recent change, Mark wrote, "Now, we force a digest to be created at 6AM local time for each subscriber, based on their timezone...."  That, however, is not happening for us in the EST time zone.  The last three digests we have gotten have been time-stamped after 9 AM EST, which appears they were sent out on PST time, not EST local time. 
Our group has a lot of early risers and posters, so the new later digest after 9 AM EST is a problem.  If it were to arrive close to 6 AM, as I thought it would based on Mark's change, that would fine.  But that's not happening, and we are getting fewer messages.
Prior to the change, the digest that was sent out at 10:30 PST would be time-stamped for us around 3:40 AM EST, which was 5, not 3, hours ahead. I never figured that out given that individual messages are always posted intermediately.

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