moderated Re: After deleting member, that member can't request re-subscription (gets "That email addr already registered") #bug

Jim Avera

On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 01:50 PM, Duane wrote:
AFTER they log in, they should click the Apply for membership button.  All appears to be working as it should be.
No, the user was offered an "Apply for Membership" button, and clicking it should apply for membership. 

Whether or not an old account exists, the subscription-confirmation process is the same, i.e. a request is sent to the owner/moderators, who approve it, and the user gets a Welcome email back.  

Making them log into their old GIO account, which they probably don't know exists and don't care about, makes a simple operation complicated and unintelligible for non-tech-savvy people (which describes many people likely to join my group, sad to say).

OTOH, one valid reason to force the user to login to the old account, would be if simply having a GIO account is intended to prevent anyone else from submitting subscription requests in your name.  That's nice, but I would rather there be an explicit "Lock out new subscription requests while not logged in" feature; because doing that by default leads to an unpleasant experience for naive users.


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