moderated Subscriptions to Gio Calendars No Longer Syncing #bug

Kenny Paul

ISSUE: Subscriptions from Gio calendars from both G-cal and Confluence have suddenly stopped working for some of our lists and the events have disappeared from people's calendars.  

TIMING: The reports of failures from community members started coming in shourtly after the Jan 31 update. 

- These were all existing subscriptions that have been syncing correctly for more than a year.  I have verified that the meetings still exist on the Gio calendar and are unchanged.

- Attempts to remove the old subscriptions and resubscribe using the link generated by Gio have not worked.  Confluence produces the error "Specified calendar does not seem like iCalendar." when the link produced by Gio is pasted into the subscription url.

- Subscription  attempts from newly created Gio calendars produce the same error.

- I found a link describing the error, in the context of a Confluence subscription to a G-cal. I don't have the necessarry perms to attempt the debugging suggested. - 

Kenny Paul, Technical Program Manager for ONAP
The Linux Foundation
Pacific Time Zone

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