moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Previously, we would force a digest to be created at 10:30pm Pacific Time nightly, if one had not been generated in the previous 6 hours and messages had been sent to the group since the last digest. Now, we force a digest to be created at 6AM local time for each subscriber, based on their timezone, if a digest had not been generated in the previous 6 hours and messages had been sent to the group since the last digest.
  • CHANGE: When creating a new group or changing the name of an existing group, change the error message when the group name is already taken to That address is not available..
  • CHANGE: Hardcode some IP addresses associated with because reverse DNS lookups on them fail randomly.
  • BUGFIX: The command to update whether a topic was locked/moderated/etc in the search index was failing because the syntax changed between Elasticsearch versions. Fixed the command and re-indexed the message archive.
  • BUGFIX: When joining a new group, the membership parameters could not be modified from that page.
  • INTERNAL: Upgraded to Go 1.14 compiler.
  • NEW: Database columns now have a Default Hidden checkbox.
  • NEW: Database tables now have ID Default Hidden and Updated Default Hidden checkboxes.
  • API: Added default_hidden field to the Database Column object.
  • API: Added id_default_hidden and updated_default_hidden fields to the Database Table object.
  • BUGFIX: Wrong logo used for Google Drive.
  • API: Removed the invalid posterid error from /searcharchives to allow people to search for messages from people who are no longer members of the group.
  • API: Added body field to message_search_result object.
  • NEW: Member Directory Search.
  • API: Added /searchmemberdirectory endpoint.
  • BUGFIX: When deleting attachments to make space, we were not taking into account space used by files and photos, so we ended up deleting fewer attachments than we should have.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed pagination when searching on members.
  • SYSADMIN: Added an additional hot standby instance of the main database server.
  • CHANGE: In the UI, changed hash tags to hashtags for consistency.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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