moderated Re: Calendar: Allow "Last [day of week] of month" for repeating events #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 09:24 PM, <webminder@...> wrote:
I cannot create a repeating event to cover the entire year because the options to repeat currently are on the number'd day of the month, or the same week of every month (ex: 4th Tuesday of the month). 
You can achieve this with a bit of playing around.  Here are the steps I used for something similar (working from today's date):

  • Create an event on Tuesday March 24th (that's the 4th Tuesday - trust me)
  • Set the following: Repeats: Monthly; Repeat every: 1; Repeat by day of the week
  • Save the event
  • Go through the calendar and for any event that is not on the last Tuesday:
  • Edit the event and change the date to the last Tuesday (March, June, September & December)
  • Click the Update Event button and select on this event.
Any event where you change the date is effectively taken out of the repeating series so if you need to update any other details, you need to do them individually.

Hopefully this helps until we get a better solution.


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