moderated Re: Deleting attachments when out of space #update

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 04:54 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I have not yet figured out how often to run the process that deletes attachments. I'm thinking probably once a week, unless anyone has a reason it should be run more often.
Mark -- Weekly works for me. A couple more things (there's always at least one more thing isn't there?)...

1) When the last attachment is deleted from a message, it still displays a paperclip icon in the Messages/Topics view. This happens whether they are deleted manually or via the attachment purge job.

2) If an attachment is deleted from a message manually (either via editing the message or deleting an image from Emailed Photos), an audit trail entry is created and the message displays an Edited tag. Attachments deleted via the attachment purge job do not.

These are just observations...I'm not proposing that they need to be acted upon.


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