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After reading the posts at GMF about many yahoo email addresses suddenly bouncing, I checked my largest group. I have about 100 bouncing, so I did a search to see how many were yahoo. That's when it got weird.

It shows that there are 60 such addresses, displayed on 3 pages of 20 each. However, pages 1, 2, and 3 show identical information, i.e. the same names, email addresses, etc. The only difference it it says "1-20 of 60" on the first page, "21-40 of 60" on the second, and "41-60 of 60" on the third.

Looking over the original bouncing list (before the search is applied) it does appear that there are around 60 yahoo addresses. It's just that they don't actually show up properly after the search. If I click on the member on the second or third page, it really does take me to the same member's record.


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