moderated Re: "locked" icon disappears from topics in results of a hashtag filter/search #bug #fixed


The bug is worse than I thought. With the sole exception of topics that were locked via a hashtag, the lock icon fails to appear in *any* search that returns a message or topic, not just a hashtag search.

If you search on a term that returns the topic, the topic does not appear locked. Yet if you're looking at the topic or message in the message list (not the result of a search), the lock icon does show up.

It's not for us to give priority to bugs, but this would be at the top of my list if I could make one. I am repeatedly trying to lock topics via some search, and the lock icon keeps failing to appear. and I keep locking them over and over again - until I get out from the search, look at the full message list, and see the  lock icon there.

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