moderated Re: "Pending Message" notification that could be clicked on to delete it. #suggestion


JohnF wrote:

How about a way to attach a note to the moderator for a message
that's pending approval?
I supported that idea and J wrote:

How is that possible if the member has posted via the web, since the
sender can't see the pending message and has no access to it
I also agree with the notion of having a "sent" or "pending" folder on site where a member can access their own messages posted (via web or email) while still pending. I skimmed back through this topic because I thought someone had already suggested it, but if so I missed it - my apologies.

I'm leaning a bit more to the general case of "sent" as an on site way to provide the equivalent function of an email "sent" folder. But that's a rich enough suggestion in itself that it probably deserves its own #suggestion topic (and there may be that suggestion in beta's history already, I didn't search that out but it sounds familiar).


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